Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Death of my Youth

I have a great group of girls from college (The Wahoo's) that have remained close over the years. However, as time passes, we find our lives changing which isn't necessarily a bad thing but its definitely different than  when we first met.

Jackie is one of the wahoo's and we have a lot in common (especially our love and commitment to meal time). Several of us are married and a few have even started their own families. These are all blessings but  make us realize we don't have the "same kind of fun" as we used to. In the last year or two, Jackie (in good fun) has told us about how she feels we are approaching the "death of our youth!"

Jackie is's official! While getting my hair cut recently, A GREY HAIR WAS FOUND!!! Now I know that several of my friends already have gone through this but this is my FIRST and there was more than one!!! Melissa (at Salon Collage in Pineville) had the top part of my wet hair clipped to the top of my head and was combing/cutting the underneath. As she is working just behind my left ear she says, "I'm just going to pull this out your you girl!" I was not prepared for what followed..........................she hands me a grey hair that is at least 4 inches long except it didn't look that long because it was the most spirally kinky hair you've ever seen!!!! It was so weird! It was a completely different texture than my hair and it stuck out like a sore thumb against my wet hair that was combed so straight! Then just to dig it in a little more, she found a matching one behind my right ear!

I should have known all this was coming since my mom has always told me she got her first greys shortly after college has been 100% grey (under her dyed hair) for at least 5 years (she's only 53) and that my grandmother starting getting greys in high school! I guess I just thought I was going to be lucky and never notice since my hair is blonde anyway! I am still hopeful that this is just a freak occurrence caused by over committing myself to various things over the last two years. I have already begun to try to shed some of these commitments and simplify my life so hopefully that will continue and keep the GREY hairs away!!!

So it's true....before even turning 30.....the death of my youth has found me!!!

Your very over-dramatic blonde,

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