Thursday, September 16, 2010

Piano Lessons

I know this is going to sound silly, but when I was a teenager, I was writing a check at the gas station (this might have been before debit cards were in use that much) and the clerk asked if I played the piano. I was a little surprised since I did not and asked why he asked and he told me I looked like I had piano fingers. I don't know what piano fingers look like but mine are fairly short and bony and I've always been a nail biter. However, almost 15 years later, I've started doing something I've always had in the back of my mind since then.....I started PIANO LESSONS!!! I actually asked Brent for a keyboard for my birthday back in December and he delivered. It took me over 6 months to finally get around to it but now I these bony little fingers are actually taking lessons!

It's something I am just doing for myself, and why not! We never know when we are going to leave this life and might as well enjoy it. Surprisingly enough, I really do enjoy it. I've never played before although my sister and I did used to bang around on a keyboard we had when we were in elementary school. And there is the brief stint I had on the clarinet in the 6th grade band. I thought if I learned to read music then, that maybe I could catch on again! I got the contact info from Terri in my bunco group of a neighbor of hers that teaches and the rest is history! My teacher is probably less than 5 years older than me so it's easy to relate to her and there isn't any weird 60 year old lady pressure. I don't feel like I am going to "get in trouble" if I have a busy week and don't get to practice.....I'm an adult with a busy life but this is something I wanted to do. I take an early lunch from work on Wednesdays and it doesn't interrupt my evening life so it's really working out great! It's more challenging than I expected but I feel good about myself for learning something new and I have a whole new respect for most elementary songs!!! Don't expect any concerts any time soon but I'm so glad I finally took the plunge!!

We only have this one I say do want you want!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tour of Charlotte

My great friend from Winthrop Jackie and her husband Greg moved from sunny San Diego to Raleigh NC last year! Raleigh is growing on them but they wanted to come scope out Charlotte to see it's potential. Throw in another best bud from Winthrop and her hubby Jason and it turned in to a wonderful weekend! I don't know why I had to wait for Jackie and Greg to come visit to see some of Charlotte's attractions!!

Technically we started Friday Night with dinner at White Horse in Rock Hill!! Saturday we drove past the Panther's stadium in to Uptown and walked a few popular city blocks. Then we went to Discover Place which was actually not bad. It's VERY child friendly and they were everywhere but we had a good time too!! The highlights for me were the bed of nails, the rope bridge, the super microscope in the THEM exhibit, and the octopus!

Although our quest for Ted's steamed burgers fell short, we ended up at a great local spot for lunch- the Penguin Drive-in. The nostalgia and the food were definitely worth the wait. I had the winky dinky dog (chili and pimento cheese) and sweet potato fries...yum!! Also witnessed Greg's first experience with Cheerwine!

Then it was on to a younger sorority sister's photography studio where my a few of my wedding pictures were featured along with lots of cute baby photos. Then we visited Freedom Park and drove through the NoDa area before heading back to the house to shower and get ready for our evening.

We picked up Brent and met the Deese's at the Pineville Lightrail station...also a first!

We rode it to the EpiCenter where we had a great dinner (and dessert) at Black Finn. We spent most the night after that at the piano bar, Howl at the Moon. After witnessing a bachelor so drunk I don't know how he was still having such a great time, several pink boas belonging to a bachelorette party, a surprise visit and performance by the lead singer of LONESTAR, and a purse snatching caught in the act....we realized it was almost 2am and the last Light rail left at 1am!! we hit the ATM and got a cab back to Pineville!

Sunday we treated Jackie and Greg to our newest love.....boating!! We recently bought a used pontoon boat and are absolutely loving it! We went out for a ride and some swimming before they had to leave for Raleigh!

It was a fabulous weekend full of NEW adventures with OLD friends!!!