Thursday, October 21, 2010

For my WAHOO's

I am blessed with a very special gift: I am part of a group of 8 friends that I can truly call my sisters. Even though distance separates us and even though we don't talk every day, we have a very special bond and are there for each other always. Our friendship started at Winthrop University after we all joined the Sigma Sigma Sigma (we really are sisters) and picks right back up every time we are together. Many of our memories revolve around the house most of us lived in at some point in our college lives. The address was 1021 Park Ave so I often get a good feeling anytime I see 10:21 on a clock or in today's case on the calendar! So in honor of October 21 (10/21)'s to my Wahoo's!

The Wahoo's technically started in 2003 on a road trip to Florida on our way to the Bahamas. We thought since there were so many of us it would be easier to have a "group name." I remembered  hearing from a girl in high school that a Wahoo was a fish who could drink twice it's own weight. Being in college and thinking we were such rebels...we thought the name fit! So now instead of Maria, Jax, Hartley, Hales, Jessica, Heather, Ryan, and Harvey....we are the Wahoo's!

We mostly live in either the greater Greenville, Rock Hill, and Columbia areas of SC, one in Raleigh NC (finally got her closer than San Diego CA), and one near Hartford CT. We plan weekends at least 1-2 times a year and the great part is all of our guys get along too so we can leave them and have our own good time! One of my favorite Wahoo traditions is our "hanky." Ryan had this made when the first Wahoo got engaged and surprised us with it at our pre-wedding Girls Weekend. It has all of our initials on it and she had Hartley's wedding date embroidered. It's been added to and passed on through 5 weddings so far and has all been everyone's "something blue"
The hanky is still going strong, but as some start new additions to their families, we've begun new Wahoo traditions too....

We've seen life come and we've seen it go! We've been too far apart at times and then there have been others when you didn't even know we were there. It's been an incredible 7 years of friendship and it's still only the beginning! I wrote this poem a few years ago to share with my Wahoo girls and now I'll share it with my fellow bloggers:

"Few will ever understand....especially because it is so difficult to put into words what we have. An understood level of friendship, created from a sisterhood, has developed more than we could have ever imagined. We each add another layer to our inner circle...never quite realizing the true extent of our own contributions. To each other, we are a lifeline. Through all of our ups and downs, we have been and always will be together. So many parts of our lives will come and go , and although not always physically, the eight of us are always here. One by one and with each other, we are strengthening the bond of WAHOO! As young adults we begin into our journey of life and togetherness. I can't wait to grow in life with you."

I can only hope that all friends and family have something so special, now or someday!
Happy 10/21 day to my girls, in our bonds, harvey


  1. That's awesome! Love the pic at the bottom too - so neat! :)

  2. This is the sweetest thing! Love the hanky idea and the last photo is priceless! So sweet!

  3. How awesome to have such a great group of close friends!! LOVE the hanky, too!!! Very sweet/neat idea!