Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jamaica Mon!!!

Brent and I spent our 3rd anniversary in relaxing Jamaica!! After our wedding we didn't really have the money for a tropical honeymoon so we spent that time in the mountains. In some ways this was like our belated honeymoon; we've never been anywhere like this together and it certainly did not disappoint! We had a hard time narrowing down all the wonderful Caribbean destinations we had heard about so we had a travel agent help us out. She sent us to the Iberostar Grand in Montego Bay and we already can't wait to go back!!She really hooked us up with an ocean front room although you could see the ocean from all the suites. This was the view from our balcony!

Montego Bay was a great choice because it was a direct flight only 2.5 hours from Charlotte and then only a 20-30 minute bus ride to the resort. We got checked in and the butler showed where everything was in the room and then we went to explore and eat. This was the view from our first meal in Jamaica!!

Then we changed into our suits and hit the beach. The weather was beautiful most of the entire trip. Highs were 85 every day with a was amazing! It was a little risky being hurricane season but it worked out very well for us. It was so UN-crowded that it was almost like having the whole resort to ourselves....and a few pool friends we met along the way!! This was our first day on the beach...they had tons of chairs and beach beds just feet from the brilliantly blue water!

Did you see the local in the bottom left corner of the first picture? We learned quickly that before and after the lifeguards and security guards are working (9am-5pm) that the locals come into the water either swimming or in a boat to sell you their "goods." Flames was the first (and only) one we personally encountered and lets just say his "goods" could be described as a " specialized water pharmacy." We obviously did not partake from the charming Mr. Flames! We mostly just chose just to soak up the sun and didn't leave the resort for any excursions. We were perfectly content the entire week with what the resort had to offer!! We also continued our tradition of taking a picture each year on our anniversary.

Happy 3rd anniversary to my love! 9/22/10

We spent a lot of time in the pool and at the pool bar. This is a view of the pool bar....its hard to tell where it stops and the ocean begins! The bartenders were fabulously friendly and very good at what the did!
 The bartenders were fabulously friendly and very good at what the did! We learned to LOVE Red Stripe and experienced some signature concoctions such as the "No problem," "Morris Day," "Greased Lightning" and more. They even invited me to sing into the exclusive A-1 microphone they used to entertain everyone!! Of course I had to decline for fear of getting us banned with my terrible voice!!
 The food, atmosphere, and people were all so great!! Although we don't have anything else to compare it to, Long Live Jamaica!!!
Our last night =(
It's hard to believe we've been married for 3 years already, and it's only getting better!!!! I count my blessings all the time to have found the one who was made just for me! 

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  1. Your pics are awesome and it looks like ya'll had a fabulous time! Happy Anni - what a great day - 09/22 (Stella's Bday too)! ;)
    BTW, we had "No Pressure, No Problem" drinks on our honeymoon so when I saw ya'll had "No Pressure" drinks in Jamaica it made me laugh and reminisce! ;)