Friday, July 8, 2011

Hello my name is Jennifer and I have ROAD RAGE

For anyone who has ever been in a car with me, you already know this but to some this may come as a surprise! I am fairly mild mannered and level headed in most areas of my life however when I get behind the wheel, my inner monster comes out!!! Don't get me wrong, I am all for following the rules....I'm good about not speeding, I always use my blinkers, I know what the meaning of a passing lane is, and do well not to text while driving! It would be unfair to vent about others without admitting my biggest fault:  following to closely also known as tailgating!! I get this honestly from my dad and don't even realize I'm doing it sometimes. I've been working on this over the last couple of months and have improved but I will still occasionally use this "technique" when necessary to demonstrate to my fellow drivers if they are going to slow!!

I get especially mad when other drivers don't use a perfectly good turning lane!! The lane is there so you can safely wait to make your turn while not getting in the way of others who want to continue going straight....Get out of the way!!!! I also yell at people a lot for not using their blinkers, using the fast lane when they are not passing, and not knowing general traffic rules! My favorite thing to shout at people (from inside my car with the windows safely rolled up) is JERK-FACE!!!! I'm pretty sure we all took the same SC driving test so why do people still not understand who gets to go first at a 4-way stop or how to treat a traffic light if the power has been knocked out?!?

Recently, I saw two different cars at two different locations go right on through a RED light!!! The worst part is they stopped first so they knew it was red!! One wasn't that bad b/c it was on a secondary road near my house and there isn't much traffic around. And to her defense, it did just used to be to a stop sign but there has been a light there for a long time now and she just took it upon herself to turn LEFT at a red light (treating it like a stop sign).  I was making a right onto the road she was turning left off of so technically once she saw my right blinker on she was free to make the turn without any other traffic other than the fact her light was still RED!!! The second was much more dangerous:
For those who live in my town- I was coming down India Hook (from the Ebinport side) and stopped at the big intersection at Celanese where CVS was on my left and Harris Teeter was up ahead on my left (across the intersection). I was in the far right lane (turn only) and was going to turn right to head toward Mt. Gallant/I-77 but there were two cars in front of me at the light was RED (with no green arrows at that time). Keep in mind Celanese is a 7-lane (3 lanes on each side and a turning lane) highly traveled road and if our light was red, that means cars on the 7-lane road had green lights to pass freely through the intersection at 45 miles per hour. This lady just starts to proceed straight forward through the intersection from the far right turn-only lane and just moseys on across 7 lanes of traffic at a RED light!! Luckily for her nothing was coming (which is rare at that intersection) but I just stared in disbelief. Two times within two weeks did I see two different people do the same thing!!!

I just can't help but wonder sometimes how people passed their driving test! I'm really not trying to be mean but the roads are dangerous and people who don't know what they are doing jeopardize the people around them including me!!! So if you are breaking the law or just not the following the etiquette rules of the road, don't be surprised if you hear little ol' me putting my HORN to use!!!!

And although my blog name is haveydanger....I only want people to pay attention, know the rules and for the roads to be a safer place!!!!!

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  1. ohhh girl!!! i couldn't have said it better myself! all of that is why i hate driving! people drive me crazy on the road! just follow the rules people!!